I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “communication is key.” Doesn’t that ring a bell?
I’m sure you’ve also heard the phrase “follow your passion.” Pretty common pieces of advice, right?

They may seem unrelated, but for writers and editors and other people who work with words, effective communication is our passion! It’s important for everyone to be able to communicate effectively. But when you write your message instead of speaking it, you have to be extra sure you’re getting your point across. Your audience will not have the advantage of hearing your tone of voice, inflections, expressions, and body language! This means that you have to write in such a way that expresses all of those things to your readers.

But how?

  • How do you find the right words to use?
  • What will your readers understand best?
  • What if there are grammar mistakes and typos in your otherwise magnificent manuscript?
  • What if you’ve already looked over your work eighteen times and it’s three o’clock in the morning and you just want to go to sleep, but you can’t help feeling like you’re missing something?

That’s where I come in.


I love editing.
There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking a beautiful work of art and polishing it until it becomes a masterpiece. I love looking at the details and making sure every word is in its proper place. There is something so satisfying about changing a comma to a semicolon!

We're a team.
You supply the work, I supply the grammatical know-how. You’ve got a great message, and I’m going to work with you to make sure your readers understand it perfectly. The power of teamwork! I’m sure you’ve heard of that, too.

You make the final decision.
I’m sure it’s difficult to trust someone else with your precious manuscript. Especially someone who probably wields a red pen like a sword! But ultimately you are the one who decides what your final manuscript will look like. Your manuscript can only get better with the editing process, and if you like at least some of my suggestions, you’ve already improved it! And you didn’t have to stay up past 3 a.m. looking it over another six times.

I take care of the editing so you can focus on the writing.
If you like the idea of getting someone else to do the editing for you, please have a look around my website! You can start by learning more about me, or skip straight to the services I offer.

I am sure we will be a great team.

Meet the Editor

Nice to meet you! I'm Alicia. I love words and languages and books. But I particularly enjoy studying grammar. Find out more by clicking About Me!






I’ll keep you updated on anything new here at Alicia the Editor! Don’t worry—I only email you about the important stuff.





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