I have been freelance editing fiction since 2014. I have done copyediting and content (or developmental) editing. I have also edited fellow students’ academic papers in college.


I used to be an intern at Bright Sky Press, a regional publisher in Houston, Texas. They publish mainly nonfiction and children’s books, preferably with a Texan aspect.

As an intern, I was responsible for many things. The most consistent was social media. They post regularly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I also did a number of small projects, including writing book blasts (for the email newsletter), creating Facebook events, sending out press releases, and editing small pieces.

The bigger projects I was responsible for were reviewing submissions and copyediting. They receive a large number of submissions, but they only accept a few. It is the interns’ responsibility to be the first to read them and give an opinion on whether they should take on the project. These are then reviewed by the editorial director (my former supervisor), who makes the final decision.

Once they accept a project, it is sent to the designer who formats it. Then it comes back to us for editing. Again, the interns do the first pass of editing, and then the supervisor does the second pass with input from the author. This is how I gained experience working with PDFs and editing with Adobe.

crafty newsletter

I am currently the editor of a monthly newsletter for crafters within the app Crafty Amino. (It’s basically a social media app for crafters. Fun fact: Crafting is another one of my passions.) The newsletter team is a small one, but we publish a newsletter with many sections and the crafters love it. Some of the sections are the monthly interview, a crafty Q&A, and a game (a crossword, word scramble, etc.). Other members of the newsletter team write the sections and send them to me. I edit the sections, format them into a newsletter, and publish it on the first Saturday of the month.

The Fife

In high school, I edited my school’s literary magazine, The Fife. We received submissions from many students and members of the magazine’s team decided which ones to publish. (Fun fact: I was originally going to be published in it, but I think we ran out of room. That was back when I dabbled in writing.) I wasn’t in charge of acquisitions, but I did copyedit a large number of submissions.

If you’re curious about my experience in other areas, you may ask me for my résumé.

If you want to see what exactly I’ve edited, head to my Portfolio! If you want to know which editing-related tools I use, check out Tools I Use.