Below are the prices for various services. The final quote will be given through email, but there are a few factors to consider. One is the intensity of the editing. For a few scenarios, see the prices below.

50% of the final quote is to be paid up front. The remaining 50% along with the fee for additional corrections (or a price reduction for any discounts) will be paid upon project completion. 25% (half of the first payment) is non-refundable, so if you decide to cancel after I have agreed to edit your work by a certain time, that amount will not be returned to you. This non-refundable amount is what guarantees you a specific place in my schedule.

All payments are to be conducted preferably through PayPal, but I will accept personal checks if that is the only option. I will send an invoice to the email you use to contact me (unless otherwise specified) for both the initial payment and the final payment. The final payment can be made as late as seven days after you receive the invoice, but it must be paid by then.

Discounts/other changes in pricing:

  • If I have edited a few works for you, you may receive a repeat-client discount.
  • If you refer a client to me, have them mention you. This will get both of you small discounts on your current or next project.


I charge either $.004 or $.005 per word depending on a few things.  If there are relatively few errors, it will probably be $.004. If there are a lot, or I think it’s going to take several read-throughs, it will be $.005. If you want it done more quickly than usual, it will likely be $.005. For example, a work of 82,000 words that doesn’t need much editing will be $328. A work of the same length that has more than a few edits per page and needs to be done in one month would be $410.

content checking add-on

This will be an additional $.001 per word. For a work of 82,000 words that does not need much copyediting, you can expect to pay $410 for both services. For a work of the same length that needs a lot of editing, it will be $492 for both services.

new author pricing

If you have published fewer than three (3) books, have only been writing a few years, and/or aren’t making enough money to afford my prices, then you may qualify for new author pricing. This will be at my discretion, so try to send me as many details as you can, and be honest. I will work with you to determine a reasonable price. If we cannot come to an agreement, I shall recommend you to my business contacts and perhaps one of them may be able to help you.

If these prices sound good to you, head on over to the Process page to see what the next steps are!