Disclaimer: I am a fast reader. If I am reading a book normally (without editing, but possibly reading to review), I can finish it in a day. It takes four hours, on average. However, it will take much longer if I am editing it, because I like to be thorough. Ideally, I can have it finished in a month, if it is of average length (60,000 words) and I am not super busy. That means I can deliver the final version to you within a month.

But, because sometimes life happens, it is wise to schedule at least three months before your deadline, whether that is release day, when you want to have beta-readers look over it, when the formatting editor or publisher needs it, etc. It really shouldn’t take me more than two months to complete any given project, though. This will, of course, also depend on how quickly you can look over my edits and get them back to me. But don’t worry—the deadline you give me is part of the contract we sign. If you don’t have a specific deadline, you can give me a general time frame you want it done by, or just leave it open.

I don’t work on more than one project in the initial pass stage at once, so if I am currently working on a project, you may be placed on a waiting list until I finish the initial pass of my current project. I will put you on the schedule for 2 months after the starting date of my current project, but if I finish sooner, I will contact you so that we can begin sooner than your scheduled time. But, again, it is wise for us to leave ourselves plenty of time, so contact me about your project well in advance of your deadline. I will not move people around on the schedule once they have been scheduled. Once you have a spot (on the schedule or on the waiting list), that spot is yours only. If you suddenly need your work done a lot sooner, I will try to work with you as best I can, but I will not move you up on the list, because everyone else has deadlines too. If I will not be able to meet your new deadline, I will refer you to another editor, and you will lose your spot.

My schedule is currently open.


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