Here are the types of editing services I offer.


I offer copyediting services for full-length works, whether novellas or books.

If you have just finished writing, or only had a few people look it over so far, then I offer very thorough copyediting. This means going line by line and word by word. I will look at the smallest of details to make sure everything is as clear as possible. If I have the slightest doubt about something, I will look it up in Chicago or other reputable references. I will make note of everything that you may want to consider changing. If there is some common debate over an issue, or I know that the Common Usage is incorrect, I will refer you to my sources, but ultimately you may choose to go with Common Usage because it will be better understood.

When I am finished, your writing will not only be grammatically correct, but it will also look and sound right to the reader. In cases where what is correct may sound unusual (because, again, common usage may be incorrect), I will suggest re-wording it to avoid this conflict, but you can choose whichever version to keep in the end.

content checking add-on

This type of developmental editing is most useful in the early stages of the publishing process, before copy editing and beta readers. This is usually your chance to really bring your story together and make sure everything comes together to make one cohesive narrative.

As such, this is a more in-depth process than beta-reading or proofreading. I no longer offer it as a separate service, but if you want the copyediting service, you may request minor content checking as an add-on for an additional fee.

If you request this, I will check your world-building, dialogue, characters, and plot. I will make sure everything flows smoothly and there aren’t any glaring plot holes, pacing issues, or inconsistencies. I do not check for these things when I copyedit.

articles and essays

I also offer copyediting services for articles, essays, blog posts, and other short works. Depending on the length and the intensity of editing needed, I can have these done within a few days.

what I will edit

  • fiction manuscripts: books, novellas, short stories
  • genres: all are welcome
  • creative nonfiction (memoirs, personal essays, travel writing, etc.)
    • I will not do any advanced fact- or reference-checking. You will need to hire another editor for that.
  • short works: articles, essays, blog posts, résumés, etc.
    • Again, I will not do advanced reference-checking for academic nonfiction (e.g. research papers).

what I will not edit

  • other nonfiction
  • poetry

If you like the sound of the services I offer and you have a manuscript (or other type of work) that fits the bill, please proceed to the Pricing page!