Submission Requirements

I am glad that you are considering working with me! Before you submit your work for a quote, please look at the requirements below.

  • I prefer Microsoft Word documents. This is because I use the Track Changes feature, which is a wonderful and intuitive tool. It is easy to use, and makes accepting and rejecting changes a breeze.
  • If you have a PDF version that has already been formatted and you absolutely cannot send me a Word document, I will accept it. But please note that I find editing PDFs to be very time-consuming and counter-intuitive to edit. This is a common opinion in the editing industry. It is mostly just editing through a comment system, instead of on the work directly. This should only be a last resort.
  • If you send me some other type of document, I will convert it to a Word document. If you send it to me, you give me permission to do this. As far as I know, you must have Word to view and accept the changes, so it is best to just start out with a Word document.
  • Please make sure that your work fits the criteria specified on the Services page. I do not edit specific types of nonfiction or poetry.
  • Make sure that your work is all in one document. Do not send me pieces as you write them so I can fit them into the main work.
  • Do not use fancy fonts that are not among the list of defaults that each computer comes with. Do not use any fonts that you bought or downloaded from a third party. Chances are, these won’t show up for me because I do not have them installed.
  • By default, I will be editing according to American English standards. If you write in the style of another English-speaking region, you must let me know so I do not change things to American English. I am experienced with editing British English as well.

Here is an example of the type of information you should be sending when you request a quote. Please see the Process page for more details.



















If your submission fits all of these requirements, please contact me so we can get started on your project!

If you are curious about the type of documentation I will provide you with throughout the editing process, check out What You Get.