What You Get

The following are documents you will receive throughout the editing process.

  • Initially, once we have agreed on a quote, I will send a contract for you to sign based on the terms of our agreement. This can be done electronically and you will be responsible for sending the signed document back to me.
  • Once I begin the project, I will send you a link to a shared Google Calendar where I will be updating my progress so you can keep track of it if you are curious. I will not be noting how much time I spend on it, but I will be marking the milestones I reach in terms of pages. (I charge by word but I work by page.)
  • When I send you back the initial edits, I will include a cover letter. This will detail a number of things about the editing I have done. I will mention the major changes I have made, including changes that I made over and over again throughout the document. It will also include any points or observations about the writing in general that I feel may be of use to you. If you request content checking, I will give my opinions on that here. I will also list your next steps in the process and how I recommend proceeding.
  • When I send back your edited manuscript I will also include a style sheet. This is a spreadsheet that documents the changes I made in terms of consistency. For instance, if in some places you use “all right” and in others you use “alright,” I will write down which one I went with. If it seems necessary, I will mention which grammar or style rule I am adhering to with each change.
  • Obviously I will be sending you back your edited manuscript, both the initial edits and the final version. Each version of the document will be saved as a new one so they are easier to compare.

If you have any questions or you want to get started right away, please contact me so we can begin!